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Adamello Stepping Stones Project

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Orso bruno - Foto di F.Osti(IT/DE) As part of the Alpine Programme Man and Large Carnivores, the Association Uomo e Territorio Pro Natura has developed the project "Stepping Stones" - which makes reference to the concept referred to ecological networks.

Its aim is to strengthen the role and function of single protected areas within the Alpine system as a whole. These are considered strategic and capable of providing an important contribution to the protection of large carnivores and to the testing of correct and constructive approaches to the study and management of the populations of wolf, brown bear and lynx in relation to the crucial relationship with local communities.

The Adamello Park in Lombardy and the surrounding areas have been selected for the first regional workshop of the Stepping Stones project. Several factors have been taken into account, including their historical importance for the distribution of large carnivores, the future potential related to the dynamics of the neighboring areas (Brown Bear in Trentino) and of the entire Alpine (Wolf), as well as the strategic importance of the Adamello Park itself.

Lupo - Foto di M.CanzianiWhat  are we doing?
-    We are running an experimental programme, monitoring the presence of Wolf and Brown Bear in the Park and in the surrounding areas
- We are asking the Region Lombardy to update standard forms, management plans and boundaries of the Sites of Community Importance (SIC) - considering the presence of the Brown Bear, pursuant to the Habitats Directive
-    We are calling for the establishment of new Sites of Community Importance (SIC) to protect key areas for the Brown Bear in the pre-Alpine territory of Brescia
- We are managing information programs and technical support (prevention of damages from predation) for the farmers
- Together with protected areas and institutions in Lombardy, Piedmont and the Swiss, we are part of working groups useful to promote the exchange of information and the coordination of conservation and management actions
- We manage dedicated communication tools
-    We organize information events and educational activities for local and non- local communities
- We promote the role of large carnivores as an opportunity for sustainable local economies (rural and nature tourism, crafts, quality food products) and support those engaged in this sense

What can you do?
- Support the project for research and conservation of large carnivores in the Adamello Park, through your donation or by joining the campaign for the adoption dedicated to Wolf or Brown Bear
- Take part in training courses organized under the project Stepping Stones Adamello and in the censuses of large carnivores in the Park
- Involve friends and family - even through the social networks - in the above actions in support of the project