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Adamello Alpine Ibex Project

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Stambecchi - Foto di M. Speziari(IT/DE) Do you know that in 1821 the population of Alpine Ibex was of less than 100 animals, all in the actual National Park of Gran Paradiso?

So, the Ibex population that is present in the Alps today descends from a few tens of individuals used for many interventions of reintroduction, who gave birth to more than 160 colonies spread over a large part of the Alps – and present therefore a low genetic variability -.

In all the Italian Alps there are, however, only 4 colonies with more than 500 animals, which is considered the "minimum amount" necessary to prevent the erosion of the already low genetic variability. In addition, climate change is causing serious threats to the conservation of the species, since it seems that the survival of kids is dramatically dropping due to the early begin of the grass-growing season in spring. As a result of a series of releases made by the Park Adamello Brenta in Lombardy and in Trentino in the second half of the nineties, the Ibex is present in the Adamello mountains with only 200 animals.

The chronic lack of funds for protected areas in Lombardy no longer allows the systematic collection of information on species distribution and stock levels of the species, making it difficult even to define appropriate intervention strategies for the protection of the species as well as to evaluate the outcome of the actions of the past.

For all these reasons (poor stock levels in the Adamello , poor genetic variability of the local population and of that of the Alps as a whole, climate change, lack of funds for monitoring and conservation of the species), the Association Uomo e Territorio Pro Natura decided to get directly involved - in collaboration with the Adamello Park.

Giovani stambecchi - Foto di M. SpeziariHow?
- Raising funds to support the conservation of the species
- Launching a new season of monitoring in the field, also through a (voluntary) research group
- Involving local communities in the collection of information and in the protection of species
- Preparing urgent strengthening interventions (stocking) of the Ibex population in the Park
- Disseminating correct information about the species (local communities, tourists / backpackers, schools)
- Encouraging sustainable local economies consistent with the preservation of the ibex

What can you do?
- Support the Project research and conservation of the Alpine Ibex in the Adamello Park, by making a donation or by joining the adoption campaign dedicated to Ibex
- Report your observations of Ibex in the Adamello Park, filling the card that we are leaving in the shelters of the protected area or sending us an e-mail with the details of the sighting
- Take part in training courses organized within the Project Ibex Adamello and in censuses of the species in the Park
- Involve friends and family - even through social networks - in the actions in support of the project

Help us give hope back to a species which is the symbol of protection of wildlife in the mountains!a ha deciso di mettersi in gioco direttamente - in collaborazione con il Parco dell'Adamello.