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Saviore valleys, the valleys of the kings

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Stambecco delle Alpi - foto di M.Speziari(IT, DE) Saviore dell'Adamello is one of the largest and most interesting territories in Vallecamonica: 82 km2 including the main village, Saviore, the villages of Ponte, Valle and Fresine, and the beautiful valleys Valle Adamè and Val Salarno, which represents one of the easiest ways to access the largest glacier in the Italian Alps, the Adamello.

This still extraordinary land has miraculously escaped the major transformations recently observed also in the Alps: the historic centers of Ponte and Saviore have maintained their ancient structure, cool forests cover the lower portions of the valley and alpine meadows and towering rocks seem to be touching the sky.

Here, too, the meadows and terraced fields that once characterized the mid-mountain have now almost entirely disappeared under the constant threat of the forest, every year gaining ground in once agricultural areas that are now abandoned.

A dense network of paths connects the villages. Two itineraries run along the valleys Salarno and Adamè, where the visitor can stop off at the shelters Prudenzini and Città di Lissone or at the still active alpine summerhouses. Here, the presence of habitats and rare species has allowed the identification of two Sites of Community Importance and of a Special Protection Area according to the EU Habitats and Wild Birds directives.

These valleys are also the cradle of the Fatulì della Val Saviore, already a Slow Food presidium. This is an ancient and delicious goat cheese, small in size (the name in the local dialect means "small piece"), produced from the milk of the goat Capra bionda dell'Adamello, a native breed in danger of extinction. It has been included in the list of traditional food products of Lombardy and protected by the "Certified Municipal origin" (De.Co.).

In this land, Uomo e Territorio Pro Natura, together with the associations Associazione Amici della Natura, Gruppo Resistere, Comitato per la tutela e la valorizzazione del territorio di Saviore, the keepers of huts and mountain dairies, and the economic operators in the catering and hospitality establishment has given birth to a territorial programme. The programme aims at the protection of the territory and at its development through the consolidation of sustainable local communities, for the present and future generations.

The territorial programme launched by Uomo e Territorio pro Natura was the first Italian project to enter the European Rewilding Network, together with the one directly held by the Rewilding Europe Foundation in the Central Apennines.

In particular, this programme of territorial sustainability, which foresees a shared vision and a permanent work group, is based on the following topics:

• (biodiversity) fight against poaching on ungulates, monitoring and restocking of ungulate populations, protection of large carnivores, re-naturalization of abandoned marginal agricultural areas by a real management plan, monitoring of populations of Galliformes, application of the conservation measures of the management plan of Natura 2000 sites, in synergy with the local animal husbandry
• (agriculture) preservation and enhancement of local products, restoration of the terraced lawns and the agricultural areas, also establishing a public register of available land, support to local farms for the renovation of buildings, diversification of the services, promotion / distribution of products, in particular those included in the SCIs and SPAs
• (activities and hospitality) classification, organization and maintenance of the hiking routes network; promotion of easy walks, cross-country skiing, snow-shoe hiking and mountain biking; creation of new online and offline communication tools; cultural activities, training of tour operators; recovery of disused estate properties for the purpose of structuring a spread hospitality service; activation of public transport to the Valle Adamé; coordination of the local tourist offer
• (volunteering) involvement of volunteers for the preservation and enhancement of local resources  as a way to get back the connection with a unique natural and human environment.

There is nothing left to say but inviting you to experience this extraordinary land.

Join us and support this important laboratory for sustainability in the Alps. You will give a better future to the new generations.


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Rifugio Prudenzini in VAl Salarno - Foto di M.Canziani