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Forests and nature reserves

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Foreste del Ticino - Foto di D.Furlanetto

The project “La Via dei Cairoli” - with its 65 km of bicycle path - crosses some forest areas of great natural and landscaping interest. This area is in the center of our reconstruction programs of the local ecological network.

They include both important and extensive forests of black alder distributed at the foot of the Pleistocene terrace, both lowland forest formations located in flood plain area.

In this areas you can meet roe deer, fallow deer, marten, stone marten, badger, red fox, but also numerous diurnal and nocturnal raptors, eight different kind of herons, dragonflies, butterflies. There is also a small number of endemics such as Italian Agile Frog, Common Spadefoot. These are just some of many species still present in this area thanks to protection.

Some of these forest areas are equipped with visitor center, hides, picnic area or staff. Few of these forest areas are accessible just by reservation or in some special occasions.

There is also a possibility of joining the numerous educational tours for schools developed by the Associations (“Uomo e Territorio Pro natura”, “Amici dei Boschi”, “LIPU”).
The access to the dogs is generally forbidden in this areas even hold on the leash.

Discover the main lowland forests of “La Via dei Cairoli”

Campagna intorno ai Boschi del Vignolo - Foto di M.Canziani


Oasi LIPU Boschi del Vignolo – Garlasco PV (IT)


Boschi di San Massimo - Foto di M.Canziani


Riserva Agricolo Forestale San Massimo – Gropello Cairoli PV (IT)


Bosco Barbieri - Foto di M.Canziani


Bosco Francesco Barbieri – Gropello Cairoli PV (IT)


Bosco Siro Negri - Foto di M.Canziani


Riserva Naturale Statale Integrale Bosco Siro Negri – Zerbolò PV (IT)


Bosco Grande - Foto di M.Canziani


Bosco Grande – Pavia (IT)


Bosco Giuseppe Negri - Foto di M.Canziani


Bosco Giuseppe Negri – San Martino Siccomario PV (IT)

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