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When planning your holiday in La Via dei Cairoli, you can choose between arriving in Lomellina by cycle, train, bus or car according to your needs and the distance you have to cover.
To really travel green, consider the train!

By cycle
From the south (Pavia) and from the north (Vigevano) on the E1 European long distance path

By bus
From Milan, Pavia, Vigevano, Pieve del Cairo
Bus stop: Garlasco, Gropello Cairoli, Carbonara al Ticino
STAV website
Arfea website

By train
Arriving in Lomellina by train is a convenient option as it avoids worrying about motorway traffic.
From Mortara and from Pavia
Stations: Garlasco, Gropello Cairoli, Villanova d’Ardenghi, Pavia
From Milan and from Genoa, via Pavia
Trenitalia - Italian railways

By car
La Via dei Cairoli has a good connection to the motorway (A7/E62), there are several big streets (SP. ex SS. 596, SP. 206, SP. 185) going to the main settlements of the area.
Carbonara al Ticino
S.P. ex S.S. 596
S.P. ex S.S. 596
from Vigevano (north) and from Voghera (south) on SP. 206
Gropello Cairoli
From the south and from the north, on the SP. ex SS. 596
From Milan and Genoa, on A7 Milan-Genoa/E62 European motorway* (exit Gropello Cairoli)
Gropello Cairoli can be reached in 40min from Milan (40 km) and in 1hrs 10min from Genoa (106 km).
Frazione Parasacco di Zerbolò
from Bereguardo, on SP. 185
from Milano and from Genova, on A7 Milan-Genoa/E62 European motorway* (exits: Gropello Cairoli, Bereguardo)
Villanova d’Ardenghi
from the south and from the north, on SP. ex S.S. 596

From Torino, Alessandria, Cremona, Brescia, on A21 Turin-Brescia/E70 European motorway* towards Tortona and then take A7 Milan-Genoa/E62 European motorway* towards Milan (exit Gropello Cairoli)

*In Italy, motorway tolls are calculated on the distance travelled and are paid at the exit tollbooths.

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