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Local food and gastronomy

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Riso Carnaroli Superfino
Processing Techniques: the product is cultivated according to a low environmental impact technique
Anselmi Farm - Via Roma 6 - Carbonara al Ticino
La Malpaga Farm - Cascina Malpaga - Zerbolò

San Massimo Farm - Località Cascina San Massimo - Gropello Cairoli


Pane di pasta dura
Description: small loaves (20/30 gr each), without oil and milk.
Ingredients: wheat flour, water and salt.
Use: good to taste especially with ham and bacon
Territory: province of Pavia.

Pane di riso
Description: bread made ​​with rice flour.
Ingredients: wheat flour, rice flour, extra virgin olive oil, salt and yeast.
Territory: Lomellina.

Pane giallo
Description: bread (700 gr) made with corn flour and wheat flour.
Ingredients: corn flour 70%, wheat flour 30%, water, salt and yeast.
Use: to eat mostly warm and accompanied with bacon
Territory: province of Pavia.

Pane mistura
Description: bread (700 gr each) made with corn flour and wheat flour.
Ingredients: corn flour 30%, wheat flour 70%, water, salt and yeast.
Territory: province of Pavia.


Biscotto Il Cairoli
Description: biscuits rectangular shape of a sweet and crumbly.
Ingredients: wheat, rice, corn, sugar, butter, eggs, milk, salt and lemon flavor.
Territory: Gropello Cairoli.

Description: small donuts.
Ingredients: flour, butter, sugar, eggs, baking powder, vanilla, milk, lemon zest and salt.
Territory: province of Pavia.

Description: small cakes (2 to 4 cm long) in the form of sticks
Ingredients: flour, icing sugar and egg white.
Use: good to eat with ice cream
Territory: province of Pavia.

Pesce d'Aprile
Description: stuffed sweet fish-shaped one meter long and weighing 15 kg
Ingredients: sugar, flour, starch, apricot jam, rum and almond paste.
Use: usually sold in pieces during Lent, at the end of March and beginning of April.
Territory: province of Pavia.

Torta del Paradiso
Description: traditional cake, the diameter varying between 10 and 38 cm and weighs between 50 g and 2 kg.
Ingredients: sugar, butter, eggs, flour 00, starch and spices.
Territory: province of Pavia.

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